Literature Wales’ Writer Commissions #2

In April 2020, Literature Wales launched our first round of Writer Commissions and awarded £5,000 to 10 freelance writers. In May 2020, we launched a second round of Writer Commissions, in partnership with the Royal College of Psychiatrists in Wales. These commissions were focused around health and well-being.

We are fully aware that this is an intensely worrying time, both in terms of our mental and physical well-being as individuals and communities, and especially so for those who rely on freelance income. These call-outs are intended to allow freelance writers to continue to receive paid work during this uncertain time. In addition, the content created will entertain, inspire and educate creative audiences, early career writers, children and participants across Wales.

The following 10 writers each received a commission worth £500. You can find out more about each writer and their individual commissions by clicking on the project pages below.


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