Project name: Writing the World: up-skill your emotional writing and narrative strength

Participants: Open to all

Lead artist: David Thorpe

Digital platform: Zoom webinars


Project Information:

Want to escape lockdown? You can do just that with your imagination, humour and feelings, to improve your confidence. Over the course of four 1.5-hour webinars, using simple language, interactive games and examples, we’ll help you create something that readers will have to finish. Learn how to create real-life characters with comic behaviour and subconscious motivations, and how to stack the odds for drama and suspense. Discover there are only four possible story endings. We’ll plot your characters’ journeys – emotional and physical – and play with language. By the end you’ll be able to complete your work, whether it’s prose, poetry, scripts, graphic novels, or storytelling.


About David:

David Thorpe is a well-published author of YA novels, comics, film and tv scripts, non-fiction, short stories, poetry and journalism. He’s experienced in running workshops based on his book Making Readers Care (with Psychology and Structure). Workshops will be kept positive and constructive, so everyone feels safe about sharing and participating, and learns to reflect objectively upon their own work.


The lockdown has been emotional and transformative. We’ve learnt the value of community and the pain of isolation. I’d like these workshops to be fun and to help writers put feelings into words, and words into structured pieces. Above all, to give them enthusiasm and confidence.” – David Thorpe

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