Inspiring Communities Fund

Literature connects us to each other at a time of increasing division and global insecurity. The stories we read, hear, and tell each other help us to explore the complexities of our lives and make sense of the world. Now more than ever we need the power of literature in our lives. 

Literature Wales Inspiring Communities Fund funds literature events. The scheme offers financial support of up to 75% of the fees and expenses paid to writers for literary events including talks, lectures, creative writing workshops and more. These events can take place anywhere in Wales, in community halls, libraries, pubs, schools, youth clubs, – and also on virtual platforms for groups who are meeting online.  

The Inspiring Communities Fund is supported by the National Lottery through the Arts Council of Wales and in 2023-24 we distributed £28,593 with an average support level of £186 per application.

The Inspiring Communities Fund application process is simple, straightforward, and quick. Examples of activities funding is available to assist with include: 

  • One-off visits, or a series of visits, by writers to schools, libraries, pubs, clubs, societies, community centres and other venues throughout Wales to inspire audiences through readings, creative writing workshops and discussions.  
  • Venue or festival programming which is innovative, new, and exciting. Examples include programmes of literary activity at small festivals or literary tours. 
  • Literary provision in community and health settings to improve the health and well-being of the participants taking part. 


Please note funding offers are only made to organisations; individuals cannot apply. 

Please read through the following sections of the website carefully, before making an application: How to apply, Advice for Event Organisers, and Eligibility. You’re also welcome to e-mail or call us to talk through your plans. 

 Click the links below to be taken to SurveyMonkey to complete your application: 

The monthly closing dates for applications are noted in How to Apply. 

If you have difficulty accessing the online application forms, please contact us on / 01766 522811. We can arrange for a downloadable easy read version to be sent to you.