I am a writer 

We champion the writers of Wales to audiences at home and abroad, celebrate our rich cultural heritage and pave the way for voices of the future.

A writer can take many different paths in their career, and we aim to provide services and support along these various journeys. Whether your aim is to develop or hone your craft, gain further recognition, experiment and take risks, find new networks, or increase your knowledge of the literary industry in Wales and beyond, this page outlines what we’re able to offer you.

We are one part of a vibrant literary sector, each with a specific remit. Together with a range of partners and funders, we ensure there are stepping-stones of opportunities available for all who want to write, to express themselves, and to progress. Other organisations may be better placed to help you meet your literary or professional aim. Please feel free to contact us, and we can try to signpost you to the organisation best placed to help.