Children’s Laureate Wales

The Children’s Laureate Wales is a national ambassadorial role which aims to inspire and empower children and young people across Wales through literature. 


Founded in 2019, the role is awarded every two years to a talented and visionary Wales-based writer who is passionate about ensuring more children and young people discover the joy and well-being benefits of engaging with literature.  

The Children’s Laureate Wales is committed to: 

  • Expanding children and young people’s access to literature, in particular children and young people from marginalised and under-represented backgrounds 
  • Improving children and young people’s physical and mental health and well-being through literature 
  • Increasing children and young people’s enjoyment of literature 
  • Empowering children and young people through creativity

The current Children’s Laureate Wales is poet and performer Connor Allen, the second to be appointed to the role.  

Connor’s appointment was announced on National Poetry Day 2021. He will be in the role until August 2023, working hard to make poetry accessible, fun, and relevant to children and young people across Wales. 

The Children’s Laureate Wales role complements its Welsh-language sister project, Bardd Plant Cymru and the two roles contribute towards nurturing a healthier, more creative, and more diverse generation of readers and writers across Wales.  

The Children’s Laureate Wales keeps busy by: 

  • Running poetry workshops inside and outside of the classroom 
  • Penning official poems to mark special occasions and campaigns which are of interest to children and young people 
  • Creating online creative resources for children and young people to enjoy  
  • Championing the voices of Wales’ children and young people nationally and internationally

You can request a school visit from Children’s Laureate Wales through the form below. For all other enquiries, including project or collaboration proposals, please email or phone 029 2047 2266.

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