Who will we fund?
  • Funding offers for Inspiring Communities are only made to bona fide organisations; individuals cannot apply for this scheme. Eligible organisations include schools, libraries, pubs, clubs, societies, community centres, arts festivals and other venues located throughout Wales.
  • Literature Wales cannot offer funding to political parties, closed groups (with the exception of schools and groups working with vulnerable adults), writer in residence programmes and fundraising events.
  • Organisations in receipt of Arts Council of Wales funding for this activity or general Arts Portfolio Wales funding are usually not eligible. Please contact the team to discuss eligibility if you have received ACW funding, but are planning to seek additional funding via Inspiring Communities Fund on: 01766 522811 /  
  • Writers cannot book themselves (even if they act as ‘event organiser’ on behalf of an organisation) and organisations cannot seek funding for events where they book their own members, committee members, employees, or officers to deliver workshops or performances.


What will we fund?

The Inspiring Communities Fund exists to support the practice, enjoyment and understanding of creative writing and literature, including fiction (novels and short stories), poetry, plays in written form, experimental writing, literary criticism and literature for children and young adults. These events could be:

  • Practical creative writing workshops
  • Lectures
  • Readings/performances
  • Workshops in schools* (*these must always incorporate creative writing work as an integral part of the activity)

This Fund is intended to support events which would otherwise be unlikely to happen.  Events that predict to make a profit will not be supported.  We cannot provide funds to charitable fundraising events, no matter how worthy the cause.

Events can be held anywhere in Wales (digitally or physically), and in any language. We will consider funding for events taking place outside of Wales, but within the UK, as long as they are conducted entirely through the medium of Welsh. Application forms may be completed in Welsh or English.

Events should be advertised, open and accessible to the general public, with the exception of events in schools and events involving vulnerable adults. Organisers should add details of their own events and activity directly to the What’s On section of the Literature Wales website. You may do this as soon as the details of your event are confirmed.

Topics such as national and international history, politics, medicine, foreign affairs, economics, religious history, travel, nature, broadcasting, archaeology, famous non-literary figures, gardening, yoga, or cookery do not qualify.


Terms & Conditions

Any Literature Wales funding offers are made to you on the basis that you accept the Terms & Conditions of the Inspiring Communities Fund. Failing to comply with Literature Wales’ Terms and Conditions may result in funding offers being rejected or withdrawn and will jeopardise any future funding through the scheme. The full Terms and Conditions are available to download from this page – please see below.


By accepting any offers of funding from Literature Wales, you agree to these terms and conditions and are therefore bound to them. If you have difficulty with any of these, or would like to discuss them further, please contact Literature Wales on: 01766 522811 /

Terms and Conditions
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