Nasia Sarwar-Skuse & Taylor Edmonds

Nasia Sarwar-Skuse lives in Cardiff and has recently completed her MA in Creative Writing at Cardiff University. Nasia is a recipient of a Literature Wales Bursary for emerging writers and is working on her first novel.


Taylor Edmonds is a poet and performer from Barry. She recently completed her MA in Creative Writing at Cardiff University. Her work has been published by BBC Sesh, Wales Arts Review, Butcher’s Dog Magazine, The Cheval Anthology and more. She has recently worked on projects with Arts Council of Wales, Nescio Ensemble and The Severn Estuary Partnership. Taylor is also a team member of ‘Where I’m Coming FromCardiff open mic platforming BAME writers in Wales


Project Name: Voice

Project Location: Riverside, Cardiff


About the Project:

Taylor Edmonds and Nasia Sarwar-Skuse will run a series of six free creative writing workshops for individuals from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic backgrounds to explore the theme of voice. They’re interested in how empowerment through creative writing can be introduced to those who need it most; those who may think, for various social and economic factors, that creative writing is inaccessible for them.

The workshops will be designed to encourage participants to develop their creative voice and feel confident to express their thoughts whilst engaging with the work of writers of colour. Nasia and Taylor will deliver poetry and prose activities throughout the workshops in an inclusive, comfortable atmosphere open to all abilities.

Studying has equipped both Taylor and Nasia with the necessary skills and experience to lead their own workshops, having planned and facilitated their own sessions for undergraduates and school children. As early career writers, the workshops will enhance their experience in facilitating participatory activities, specifically for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities, and build their confidence as creative writing tutors to aid their career development.

At the end of the workshop sessions, they will produce a pamphlet containing the work of the participants. The audience will also have the option to attend ‘Where I’m Coming From’, a Cardiff-based open mic night, to perform their work.


What you hope to achieve through this project?

Nasia said:

“To engage BAME people in creative writing and encourage them to write their stories, bringing a rich diversity of voices.”


Taylor said:

“To get BAME people enjoying creative writing and engaging with the work of BAME writers, ultimately developing their confidence in their creative voice and helping them create something they can be proud of.”


What impact do you think the opportunity will have on your career as a writer/artist?

Nasia said:

“Our experience in teaching creative writing has thus far been in a university and primary school setting. Running community-based workshops will give us valuable experience and strengthen our confidence in leading future workshops within communities.”

Taylor said:

“Running the workshops will give us the opportunity to develop as creative writing facilitators and gain valuable experience based around providing more creative writing opportunities for our communities which we would like to build on further in the future.”





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