Project name: Write Where You Are

Participants: Claire Fayers, with guest appearances from other authors.

Lead artist: Claire Fayers

Digital platform:

Project information

Write Where You Are was a series of creative writing videos with supporting activities and writing challenges for primary school children. You don’t need to go to faraway places to find ideas for stories. Ideas are waiting everywhere. With the help of her author friends, Claire Fayers went on a hunt for story ideas around the house. Why is a story like a recipe? What if your bathroom was on another planet? What do your pets get up to when you’re not around?

About Claire

Claire Fayers is the author of the Accidental Pirates series and other fantasy for young readers. Her latest novel, Storm Hound, has been shortlisted for the Wales Books Council Tir na n-Og award, and will be on the libraries’ Summer Reading Challenge this year. Claire lives in Cardiff with her husband and two cats who sit on her computer and stop her from writing (the cats, not the husband – he is quite well-behaved.)

“People are always asking me where I get my ideas from, as if ideas live in some special faraway place. But stories are all around us. It’s not a matter of where we look, but how we look at things, and the most ordinary objects can become fuel for stories. I’m very excited to be launching this project, hunting for stories around the house.” – Claire Fayers

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