Frequently Asked Questions

Bardd Plant Cymru 2021-2023

Who is Bardd Plant Cymru 2021-2023?

The current Bardd Plant Cymru for 2021-2023 is Casi Wyn. You can read more about Casi here.

What does the Bardd Plant Cymru do?

The Bardd Plant Cymru (Welsh-language Children’s Laureate) project introduces Welsh-language poetry to children in an energetic, dynamic and fun way through workshops, performances and various activities. The project promotes creativity, communication skills and self-expression by developing a love of literature.

Who is responsible for the project?

The scheme is run by Literature Wales with the support of Welsh Government, S4C, Books Council of Wales and Urdd Gobaith Cymru.

Bardd Plant Cymru Workshops

How do I organise a visit from Bardd Plant Cymru?

Bardd Plant Cymru visits many schools, clubs, art festivals and events across Wales. To organise a visit, head to our Apply For a Visit page. 

When will the visit be arranged?

It can take up to one month for the poet to respond to your application. The workshops are taken on by the poet on a freelance basis, and the arrangements will be confirmed between the poet and the school. Schools should apply for a visit as soon as possible.

How much does a workshop cost?

The fee for a Bardd Plant Cymru workshop can range between £150 and £250. The fee depends on the length and content of the session and whether it takes place digitally or in-person.

Workshops are arranged on a freelance basis and therefore the poet will confirm the fee with the school.

School workshops are eligible for Literature Wales’ Inspiring Communities Fund. This scheme offers financial support of up to 50% of the fees paid to the poet. Find out more and apply here.

Will every school receive a visit?

As there is a high demand for Bardd Plant Cymru visits, there is no guarantee that the poet will be available to offer a date for all schools. All applications will be assessed individually by the poet, with the scheme’s aims and partners’ priorities in mind.

Don’t forget that there are many more writers and poets in Wales available to run creative writing workshops in schools. Contact us for advice.

How many children can attend a workshop?

We recommend that no more than 30 children take part in a group workshop.

Working with Bardd Plant Cymru

Is it possible to commission a poem by Bardd Plant Cymru?

It is possible to commission a poem from Bardd Plant Cymru by getting in touch with us on

Is it possible to get the Bardd Plant Cymru involved in a project?

Literature Wales’ priorities over the next three years will be Representation and Equality, the Climate Emergency and Health and Well-being.

If your organisation is interested in  discussing the possiblity of working with the Bardd Plant Cymru on a project, especially if it’s relevant to the priorities above, get in touch with to organise to discuss any ideas you might have.

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