Project name: Lockdown Legends Online

Participants: Care home residents in Wales

Lead artist: Fiona Collins

Digital platform: Online


Project Information:

Just before the lockdown started, I was asked to give support in a local care home. The residents are sharing their memories and family stories with me, for a forthcoming book of ‘Lockdown Legends’. Residents are making the most positive possible use of this ‘lockdown’, by taking time to reflect on and share their life experiences.  The benefits of this simple intervention to their health and wellbeing seem profound.  Now I want to extend the benefits of taking part by taking Lockdown Legends online, to reach out to elders around Wales.


About Fiona:

Fiona Collins is a spoken word storyteller telling traditional tales from around the world, with a special interest in tales of Wales. She is passionate about supporting others to tell, value and share stories from their own lives, and sees this as an important role for elders, in teaching and guiding younger generations. She supports and mentors young storytellers, having created Venue Cymru’s Cylch Stori, and also being a Panel member of Chwedl, the Welsh network for women storytellers. She speaks both languages of Wales, and at 2019’s National Eisteddfod she became Welsh Learner of the Year.


“Taking care of our elders and listening to their stories gives us an insight into unconditional love and helps us love them in the same manner. This is an opportunity for older people to use the ‘lockdown’ to recall and recount stories that mean a lot to them from different times in their lives, using the wonders of technology to talk to each other around Wales and create a shared collection of memories.” – Fiona Collin

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