Literature is deeply rooted in the notion of freedom and expression. However, true freedom requires equality of opportunity and fair representation.

When you don’t see people like yourself in what you’re reading, you’re far less likely to pursue other works or see value in creative writing. When you don’t see yourself in organisations offering creative opportunities, you’re far less likely to apply. Working with partners, we will do more to foster representative diversity within the literature sector. Wales’ writers should comprise a range of ages, socio-economic backgrounds, ethnicities, genders, religions and languages and not be typified by certain limited demographic profiles. This isn’t about excluding anyone. It is about creating equal and fair access to artist innovation and professional development.


Through our Tactical Priorities, we have identified three target client characteristic groups which will receive additional support throughout our activity. These are:



We will contribute to advocate a broad definition of literature, to enable opportunities for creative participants and writers of all abilities and from all backgrounds to enjoy and experiment with different forms.


In 2017, Literature Wales was one of only 2 organisations in Wales to be awarded a Weston Jerwood Creative Bursary – a UK-wide programme supporting arts organisations to diversify recruitment and talent development and build their capacity for outstanding artistic participation.