Project name: Operation Get an Agent 

Participants: aimed at writers who have written a full-length prose work who are interested in securing the interest of an agent

Lead artist: Julia Forster

Digital platform: Literature Wales website/


Project information

Many writers in Wales remain unrepresented by a literary agent. Suitable for both emerging and established writers who are interested in securing the interest of an agent, these four articles will explore the following hot topics:

  1. Why might we want an agent? What can agents do for writers in Wales?
  2. Tips on how to approach agents and refining our pitch – including vox pops from an agent and publisher.
  3. What are the common pitfalls in securing an agent? How can we overcome them?
  4. What to do if we are rejected? What are our next steps?


About Julia

Julia Forster is an award-winning author who lives in Machynlleth. She has published two prose works: What a Way to Go (Atlantic Books, 2016) and Muses: Revealing the Nature of Inspiration (Pocket Essentials, 2007). Julia currently works for New Welsh Review and The Literary Consultancy (TLC) as well as doing PR for independent presses while also studying for a Diploma in Spiritual Development. Her passion is for fostering resilience and perseverance in writers; her latest collaboration has been as a producer working with Aki Schilz at TLC in London to co-devise and develop the Being a Writer programme. 


“One of my first jobs in publishing was sifting the manuscript submissions pile in a literary agency. I quickly learnt what hooked my interest and what didn’t. However, I was also surprised by how many writers fell at the first hurdle. As a catalyst or agent within writer development, my intention has always been to positively guide and to encourage. What I increasingly witness is that authors in Wales are often held back by a lack of confidence and perseverance. This opportunity to present my thoughts of securing an agent enable me to put together in one coherent place what I regularly advise to friends and fellow writers.” – Julia Forster


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