Project name: Picture the Word

Participants: Open to all

Lead artist: Amanda Wells

Digital platform: Zoom


Project Information:

A series of three workshops using creative writing and visual poetry techniques for creative expression. Play with words and pictures and different prompts and techniques and go on a visual and linguistic adventure.


About Amanda:

Originally from West Yorkshire, Amanda Wells came to mid-Wales in 1983 to study English at Aberystwyth University. She is an interdisciplinary artist and writer, but mainly focuses on poetry. Amanda gained an MA in Fine Art in 2019 and uses the artist name Ceridwen Powell and pen name Rosamund McCullain. She’s an abstract artist and enjoys working in different media and following her ideas and inspirations. Much of her work explores disability issues, as a disabled person and writer and artist she feels that it is very important to speak out and speak up for disability rights. She’s interested in the role that the arts and creativity can play in helping individuals and communities to thrive and heal.


“These workshops aim to provide people with creative activities to help them explore their thoughts and feelings.” – Amanda Wells

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