Sherrall Morris is a writer, performer and drama facilitator. She has written a number of short scripts and monologues for scratch performances and open mic events. Sherrall draws from true life experiences for ideas; she keeps a daily writing journal and enjoys writing short stories. For many years, Sherrall has been involved with various writing groups to facilitate writing sessions. She has also delivered story circles for community groups and youth theatres.


Project Name: Slalom

Project Location: South Wales


About the Project:

Sherrall Morris will use the Platforming Under-represented Writers Funding to develop her skills as a writer and strengthen her dramaturgical knowledge. She plans to develop a new draft of a script for Slalom, a one-woman play she is currently writing. She plans to work with Dramaturge and Playwright, Kelly Jones, as her writing mentor. Kelly is an award-winning playwright, performer and dramaturge who will advise Sherrall on narrative structure, character and script development. Sherrall will also employ a PA/Scribe to assist with the note taking, recording and documenting the process.

Slalom tells the story of Amy, a disabled woman who as a child dreamed of becoming Eddie the Eagle. However, due to her disability, she was told that this would be impossible. So, when Amy receives a date for her spinal surgery, she decides to hit the Ski slopes in Switzerland and along with her new Salsa Quickie powered wheelchair she finds herself on top of a ski slope about to zig zag her way down a terrifying drop. But will she take on the challenge or not?

The project will also increase Sherrall’s profile as an artist and offer an unheard story of disability to the Welsh Literary and Theatre cannons. Sherrall believes that the funding is a recognisable achievement and a positive step in her career.


What do you hope to achieve through this project?

“I am excited to be working with Dramaturg and Playwright, Kelly Jones, and to be given the opportunity to learn, explore and enhance my skills more as a script writer.”

What impact do you think the opportunity will have on your career as a writer/artist?

“This opportunity will give me the chance to work on a new idea, develop my skills as a writer, strengthen my relationships with other established artists and also increase my creative profile.”

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