Literature Wales wants the literary culture of Wales to truly represent the variety and diversity of the population. There are still substantial differences in equality of opportunity to access and participation in culture, and many writers face significant barriers in the literature and publishing industry.

Every year, the Representing Wales programme supports a new cohort of writers who come from an under-represented background. Going forward, the programme will alternate its focus between children’s and adult literature each year, giving due attention to both forms.


Children and young people’s literature:

In light of the persistent lack of diversity in children and young people’s literature across the UK, Literature Wales will biannually be investing its resources to help redress this imbalance.

Helping to create a diverse literary culture for children and young people is a crucial undertaking. The books children read shape their view of themselves and of the world and the children and young people of Wales should be able to identify with the books they read and find role models in their favourite characters and authors.

Research within both the CLPE’s Reflecting Realities and Book Trust Represents reports highlight a lack of ethnic representation both within the pages and amongst the creators of books for children. Although research is limited, we are aware that wider voices are also under-represented within children’s literature.


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