The Application Process

We have created dyslexia friendly and large print versions of the course call-out and the frequently asked questions in Word. We have also created a Word version of the application form so you can read all the questions beforehand. 

These are all available from the Downloads page.


The Course

This course will be run on the video platform Zoom. Each session will last 2 hours, with a comfort break in the middle. If required for access purposes, sessions can be recorded for the participants to watch back in their own time, to digest the workshop at their own pace.  

Literature Wales will issue Access Riders to all successful applicants, asking for access requirements, to ensure that adequate support is provided where needed. For example, a live captioner or a BSL interpreter could be present during the sessions. Literature Wales staff will also be available to answer any questions or hold any discussions prior to the course. Our aim is to ensure that the course is as accessible, comfortable, and enjoyable as possible for everyone.  

Literature Wales is glad to work in partnership with Disability Arts Cymru on this course and is grateful for their support. 

Below is a BSL Flyer outlining some key information about the course.

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