Wales is not a poem but a continuous chat,

framed by the stones and glass of this house,

as the oak and the slate find their voice.


Wales is not a menu but a magic kitchen

where we chow down on fresh laws,

drink our own instructions

and bake hopes for the next generation.


I came here as a young dad, two decades ago,

to sing this place to life, to celebrate a new discourse;

and watched my children come of age,

the first to do so, in a long-trousered land.


And thus, our country was brought

from the time of sol-ffa, to the time of the selfie,

and we hold up our history, between the sun and ourselves,

to take a snap of the family today.


But those images must be better shared;

the rhythm of the chat is changing;

no more do we just want to ‘be’, like before,

we’ve a taste for doing too.


Both in this house, and beyond,

our song must be heard, so we cherish its worth;

‘our strength is in our people’;

our self belief, rebirth.


Ifor ap Glyn
Bardd Cenedlaethol Cymru | National Poet of Wales

(This poem was specially commissioned by Literature Wales to mark 20 years of devolution in Wales.)

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