As I approach a new chapter in this Book of Me

Unlock the potential through a new door

Let me just take a moment

To chat about what I’ve saw


I’ve saw

Children screaming out to be heard

Not being listened to

In a giant, overwhelming world


Children falling into the river of the unknown

Thinking they’re stuck

Wanting to give up

But enough is enough


It’s time to fix the gap in the bridge

So no one else falls

It’s time for society to hear your calls

Listen to your voices

So you can all inform

The future and your choices


I’ve saw

Children across Wales opening their own doors

Discovering their potential

Realising they can be so much more


I’ve saw Jaimeleigh

Who came to a workshop and took inspiration from me

This past year she’s written over 82 poems, still going

Unlocked that potential without her even knowing


She’s a miracle


As are

Afon Y Felin

Because what story would I be telling

Without you all?

Seeing and believing in the potential in me

When I myself couldn’t see

Or even believe

You’ve been my biggest fans

That’s a fact

So I have to thank you for that


I’ve saw a school close to my heart

Play a monumental part

Housed inside my hometown of Newport

St Andrew’s primary

Who would’ve thought

This little kid who walked those halls

At 10 years old

Would look up to a star

Make a wish and –

Isn’t it mad that he’s come this far?


I’ve saw

The power one person can have

To make change

In small meaningful ways

And I’d do it over and over again


Eloise dug the trenches

With courage, determination and love

I poured the concrete

So you, Alex, can build above


As I go through my door

Just know I’m not the same Connor I was before

2 years have passed

Honestly I’m gassed

To look back at the footprints of this journey

All the effects it’s had


This door will lead to journeys

And chapters brand new

But in this moment right now

I have two words to say:



Connor Allen, Children’s Laureate Wales 2021-2023

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