A hundred years ago
she saw a stained picture.

She saw hot tears, a mother’s fear and hunger,
she saw small hands held out in hope

and she faced the fragility
saw in them her responsibility
her part of the answer
and set out to re-draw that picture.

Slowly the pieces came together;
a jig-saw of care and devotion from day one

A decleration, a promise,
the right to play
the right to blue sky and open air
the right to milk as cold as frost and warm arms
away from harm.

The right to thrive
and so much more.

Slowly the picture sharpened,
the tears dried a little and
bones grew strong.

But today
that jig-saw is still fragile,
frayed edges,
a faded picture
and always
a missing piece.

Now it’s our turn to re-imagine and re-draw,
and fight for every little piece as she did before.



Casia Wiliam


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