Each year, Literature Wales challenge a team of four Welsh-language poets to compose a hundred original poems within twenty-four hours. The challenge is part of National Poetry Day – an annual celebration of poetry and its power to bring people together.

The public are invited to join the Challenge by suggesting topics and sending words of wisdom during the twenty-four hours.

The challenge was first introduced in 2012. Over the years it has offered a poetic snapshot of present-day Wales – our politics, interests, news and culture. Some of the 600 poems composed over the past 7 years have included romantic or humorous songs; poetical odes to pork pies and a certain brand of beer; good luck messages for new homes, marriages and half marathons; and even an epic poem depicting a fight between country music duo, John ac Alun, with sibling TV presenters, Y Brodyr Gregory.

The four brave poets undertaking this year’s challenge are Beth Celyn, Dyfan Lewis, Elinor Wyn Reynolds and Matthew Tucker.

All four poets will need to write at least one poem per hour in order to complete Her 100 Cerdd on time. In the past, the teams of poets managed to reachthe finish-line with only seconds to spare. Will the 2019 crew succeed in completing the greatest poetic challenge of the year?

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