Invitation for Expressions of Interest: Animated Video

Published Fri 15 Jul 2022 - By Literature Wales
Literature Wales in partnership with the Royal College of Psychiatrists would like to invite expressions of interest for an animated video production of a Children’s Laureate Wales poem 

Technology is integral to our lives and shapes the way we experience the world. In partnership with the Royal College of Psychiatrists, Literature Wales has been exploring the question; How can the use of technology positively impact young people’s well-being and what negative effects can it have on their mental health?  

A series of poetry workshops was delivered to Yr. 6 pupils exploring how the use of technology affects them both positively and negatively. Following the workshops, the Children’s Laureate Wales, Connor Allen produced a poem inspired by the pupils’ responses.  

We are looking for an individual or company to produce a video animation of the poem in a creative, contemporary, and engaging way.  

Children’s Laureate Wales Project Background: 

The Children’s Laureate Wales is a national ambassadorial rolewhich aims toinspire and empower childrenand young peopleacross Wales through literature.  

The Children’s Laureate Wales is committed to:  

  • Expanding children and young people’s access to literature, in particular children and young people from marginalised and under-represented backgrounds  
  • Improving children and young people’s physical and mental health and well-being through literature  
  • Increasing children and young people’s enjoyment of literature  
  • Empowering children and young people through creativity 

The currentChildren’s Laureate Wales is poet and performer Connor Allen, the second to be appointed to the role.   

Further information on the Children’s Laureate Wales project can be found here. 

The project is delivered by Literature Wales, the national company for the development of literature. Our vision is a Wales where literature empowers, improves and brightens lives. 

Further information on Literature Wales can be found here.  


We are looking for an individual or company to produce a video animation of one of the Children’s Laureate Wales poems. The poem was produced following a series of workshops delivered to Yr. 6 students in partnership with the Royal College of Psychiatrists on the topic of the effects of technology and young people’s mental health.    

The aim of the video animation is to visually represent and highlight the important themes featured in the poem. We are looking for a creative, contemporary, and engaging video animation of the Children’s Laureate’s work which will appeal to KS2 pupils (ages 7-11). The poem will be shared on Literature Wales and the Royal College’s digital platforms and channels.  

We expect the video animation production service to include, storyboarding, audio, editing, motion graphics and subtitling (text to be provided by Literature Wales). 

Video Brief: 

We would like one animated video, no longer than 2 minutes and subtitled in English. 

The video will need to include audio of the Children’s Laureate Wales’ poem being recited. 

The video should end with information about the Children’s Laureate Wales project and Literature Wales and the Royal College of Psychiatrists’ logos.


Deadline for Expressions of Interest: 5 August 

Meeting with Literature Wales and Royal College to discuss storyboarding and content: 12 August 

Editing and producing: 12 July – 23 September

Submission of 1st draft for comments: 23 September 

Literature Wales and Royal College to provide feedback: 30 September 

Subtitling: 30 September-7 October

Submission of final piece: 7 October


The fee on offer for the work outlined above is £1,000 and is inclusive of VAT. 

Express your interest: 

Please contact us on to express your interest by Friday 5 August 2022. We ask that you please provide examples of past work.