Morgana Bevan


Morgana Bevan is a contemporary romance author from Aberdare, Wales. She has written 14 romanc...

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Deborah Louise Blake

Poetry, Fiction, Storytelling

I am a comedy adventure writer. My passion is fuelled by nature, animals and humour. The...

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Jon Blake

Fiction, Children and YA

Jon Blake is the author of over sixty titles for children, teens and adults, including the ant...

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Mark Blayney

Poetry, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Spoken Word

Mark is the 2023 New Welsh Writing Awards winner for Invisibility and won the Somerset ...

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Emily Blewitt

Poetry, Fiction, 

Emily Blewitt is the author of This Is Not A Rescue (Seren Books, 2017) and was the poe...

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Claire Boot

Poetry, Fiction, Non-Fiction

Claire is a writer of prose, plays and poetry. Her short fiction features in anthologies by Ho...

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Donna Bottomley

Poetry, Non-Fiction, Spoken Word

Donna Bottomley is a writer of non-fiction and poetry, and also a songwriter and spoken word a...

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Jade E. Bradford

Poetry, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Children and YA

Jade E. Bradford is a short story writer and communications and engagement professional who cu...

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Ann Brady

Poetry, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Spoken Word, Children and YA

Ann Brady, although born in Yorkshire, now lives in Cardiff Bay. She has been a writer for ove...

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Terry Breverton


I have written over 50 books, and been translated into Chinese (Simplified and Formal), Turkis...

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Karen Gemma Brewer

Poetry, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Spoken Word

Born of coal-mining and farm-working stock, Karen Gemma Brewer is an award winning writer and ...

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Gillian Brightmore

Poetry, Fiction, Spoken Word

G.K.B. Fiction & short story writer based in Cardiff. Educated at Swansea University...

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