I am some BODY – A Tribute to Our Bodies

I am some BODY – A Tribute to Our Bodies


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Incredible stories, poems, and letters written by citizens of Wales from hearts beating in the bodies that have never let us down. Here for you to reconnect with your body.

  • 17 Wales based writers and 3 writers from The Netherlands of many cultures and backgrounds: Abdul Saadi, Ahin Ibrahim, Aldo Scatola, Antonio Stuger, Bisan Ibrahim, Dominika Rau, Gundija Zandersona, Hanaa Asaad, Klementyna Wąsiewska, Krystal S. Lowe, Phaeliana Lourens – Phae, Pamela Foster, Radsa Saadi, Sabri Ali – Konshuss_One, Sakina Hassan, Saliva Younis, Samira Alibrahim, Sandy Ibrahim, Soraya Ebicilio, Vian Saadi.
  • Writing in 9 languages:Arabic, Dutch, English, Italian, Latvian, Neapolitan, Polish, Spanish, and Surinamese with English translation provided.
  • Four partnering organizations: Body Art Therapies Dominika Rau, Congolese Development Project, Literature Wales, and Royal College of Psychiatrists.
  • Six months of creative writing workshops with Dominika Rau.
  • 186 pages.
  • Writers aged 8-75

All as a Tribute to Our Bodies that work day and night to unconditionally support us.

Find out more about the ‘I am some BODY’ project here:

All proceeds go to the Congolese Development Project, supporting service users and creating new exciting projects.