The 2023 – 2024 programme will run from September 2023 to September 2024.

What does the programme entail? 

  • An online one-to-one welcome meeting with Literature Wales staff to discuss personal aims and goals; and a group meeting for the six successful facilitators with Literature Wales staff to introduce everyone to each other and to give an overview of the programme.
  • Each facilitator will be paired with a mentor for four one-to-one sessions across the year to help them reach their aims, goals and to develop their projects.
  • One residential course at Tŷ Newydd Writing Centre.
  • A series of five monthly online training sessions featuring experienced facilitators and experts on arts for health and well-being.
  • Regular correspondence from Literature Wales about opportunities, events, festivals and more, and professional support from Literature Wales to develop your project plan.
  • The creation of a supportive network of co-facilitators, led by the cohort, to offer peer encouragement and to problem-solve.
  • A bursary of £2,000 to spend time on the development of their projects, and to help with expenses or the practicalities of attending the mandatory activities of the programme, e.g. travel to Tŷ Newydd, childcare etc.

During the first six months (September 2023 – March 2024), the six participants will spend time developing a project of their choosing including a detailed action plan, applying what they’ve learnt during the training sessions. We intend that these projects, developed in collaboration with Literature Wales, will be awarded further funding to be delivered in the latter half of the programme (March 2024 – September 2024) – funding and partnerships permitting.


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