Writing Well

Sgwennu’n Well | Writing Well is a 12-month development programme in two parts for literary facilitators in Wales. Part one offers intense training aiming to enhance the skills needed to facilitate literary activities in the community, and part two will support the cohort of facilitators to create and deliver participatory projects which benefit the health and well-being of participants.

Sgwennu’n Well | Writing Well focuses on intensely developing the skills and knowledge of literary facilitators specifically in the field of Health and Well-being. It is a year-long, professional development programme with aftercare support for a group of early to mid-career facilitators.

The first six months offers opportunities to hone skills in areas such as project development and management, running budgets, capturing and communicating impact, safeguarding their groups, fundraising and more. The group will explore the theory and practice of running literature for health and well-being projects for a wide variety of participants in various settings.  Also included are one-to-one mentoring; monthly workshops and talks; as well as opportunities to network, make new contacts and build relationships with other writers. 

Following the initial six-month training programme, the intention is to offer facilitators a pot of funding to deliver projects they have designed and planned during the initial stages of the programme.   

After the 12-month programme, Literature Wales will continue to work with the cohort and with other partners to make sure that they are able to receive the support and advice they need to reach their goals.