Sut mae geiriau’n symud,

yn tynnu trwy’r ddawns

rhwng tafod a chlust?


Sut mae brawddegau’n anniddigo,

yn tapio’u traed,

yn ymollwng eu cymalau

nes i’r corff cyfan ganu,

nes twrio i’r ystyron dyfna’?


A sut mae dwyiaith cerdd a dawns

yn plethu a chordeddu awr,

cyn ildio i’r llonyddwch mawr

a’r mudandod mwy?


Ust… Ust… Ust…





How do words move,

leading the dance

from tongue to ear?


How do sentences fidget,

tap their feet

and loosen their limbs

till their whole bodies sing,

and they delve into deeper meaning?


And how do the twinned muse of dance and rhyme

interweave and twine a while,

before they bow to boundless stillness

and silence greater still?

Shh… Shh… Shh…


Ifor ap Glyn

Bardd Cenedlaethol Cymru | National Poet of Wales

(This poem is a part of the Plethu/Weave collection, is a cross-artform bilingual collaboration between two of Wales’ national arts companies, Literature Wales and National Dance Company Wales. It began as a lock-down project between individual dance artist and poets, weaving their craft together to create original short films. A truly collaborative process from the beginning, each short film reflects the experiences, fears, and hopes of the artists, and offers the viewers a glimpse into Wales and the world at that moment in time. Discover more about the project here.)


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