‘Global warming’ by National Poet of Wales, Hanan Issa

Published Mon 26 Sep 2022 - By Literature Wales
‘Global warming’ by National Poet of Wales, Hanan Issa
Hanan Issa, National Poet of Wales has composed a poem about the cost of energy crisis, commissioned by Literature Wales

As the seasons turn and the weather cools, the subject that has been in the headlines and worried so many of us for months is even more real – the cost of energy crisis.

Hanan Issa, National Poet of Wales wanted to write a poem on this important theme as she’s very concerned about the poverty and hardships facing so many individuals and families in the coming months.

Hanan said: “The question of how we will manage this winter is at the top of everyone’s minds. I wanted to capture the sense of frustration and anger that’s so tangibly present in the collective consciousness while highlighting a sense of hope and the power of community strength.

“It’s our government’s responsibility to ensure no one struggles this winter but it’s part of being a good human to be a source of comfort to those around us as much as we can.”

Global Warming When the hearth heat of summer leaves, the cold creeps in, all unwelcome kisses. So get the blankets, get the cardies, start turning up the dial -no that’s too much! Light a candle not a lamp, my love. Savour the taste of tomatoes and salty chips. Even the hum of hairdryers. For when the heaters shiver alive and that sallow golden amber dilates pupils swollen with £ signs, this tired world fevers watching its people freeze. Ah Cerridwen, gather the neighbours around al misha’al. Come, we have saved you a space near yr aelwyd. Sing us songs of little sosbans and hope that we never find: “When you see me, cry” scratched into a wall somewhere.

The cost of energy crisis is set to impact thousands of lives across the UK.

Many will struggle to stay warm over winter and our country’s ability to produce staples like salt and tomatoes will be greatly reduced.

If you or someone you know needs support, you can find information on this website or get in touch with advisors today by calling the free helpline on 0800 702 2020.

Visit the Advicelink Cymru website where you can find out more about getting support.

The poem was translated into Welsh by the poet Grug Muse, and you can read ‘Cynhesu byd eang’ here.