Our Mission states that we will: inspire communities, develop writers, and celebrate the literary culture of Wales.

The direct interventions and strategies outlined in our Strategic Plan 2019 – 2022 will lead to tangible societal, cultural and economic improvements which we will track throughout the three years through new models of data collection. We are clear about our remit and have set quantifiable targets against which our progress will be measured.

By 2022, Literature Wales will have contributed to:

  • More people across Wales, particularly those from one or more of our target client characteristics, participating in creative writing activities
  • More community workshop participants benefiting from our Writer Development initiatives
  • More creative and professional opportunities for early career writers
  • More young writers (aged 16-30) engaging with creative opportunities
  • More established writers engaging in high-profile national and international projects


The capability of literature to improve well-being is widely documented. The benefits of engaging in our activities include:

  • Improved spoken and written skills (A more equal Wales)
  • Increased selfconfidence (A resilient Wales)
  • Increased employability (A prosperous Wales)
  • Decreased sense of isolation (A Wales of cohesive communities)
  • Decreased risk of, and increased resilience to, mental illness (A healthier Wales)
  • Exposure to new worlds, philosophies, cultures (A Wales of cohesive communities)
  • Increased ability to empathise (A globally responsible Wales)
  • Increased multilingual skills (A Wales of vibrant culture and Welsh language)


As outlined in the seven goals in the Well-being of Future Generations
(Wales) Act 2015.

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