Yr Academi Gymreig – The Welsh Academy is the national Society of Writers in Wales. The society represents the interests of Welsh writers and writing both inside Wales and beyond.

The Welsh Academy exists to:

• Celebrate the achievements of the creative and literary writers of Wales;
• Lobby in support of key issues affecting such writers and their work;
• Foster the community of such writers within Wales;
• Provide such writers with advocacy support;
• Support the development of such writers in their careers.

An EGM (Extraordinary General Meeting) was held at the Marine Hotel in Aberystwyth at 2.00 pm on Saturday 14 April 2018.The meeting was open to all Full Members, Fellows and Honorary Members of The Welsh Academy. Following the EGM (Extraordinary General Meeting ), the Chair of the Welsh Academy has written to all members to inform them of the decision taken during the EGM, and to advise of the next steps during 2018/2019.

At TWA EGM on 14 April 2018, Members/Fellows/Honorary Members in attendance voted for the following option:
A one-month window will be advertised for the submission of proposals for a new syndicate of writers and literary practitioners, who are all either Members or Fellows, to manage and administer TWA. The current TWA Management Board will decide on the best fit proposal and transfer responsibility accordingly. Literature Wales would administratively support a transition year as TWA establishes itself as an independent organisation.

If the current TWA Management Board deems that no appropriate proposals are received, or if the process falters irretrievably along the way, TWA will continue as branding only for scholarships for emerging writers and an annual ‘The Welsh Academy Award’ for outstanding services to Welsh literature, attached to name of Glyn Jones. 

This means that from 1 April 2019, the current TWA Management Board will be dissolved, and either TWA starts a new chapter as constitutionally independent from LW OR TWA will continue as branding only.

The Terms for Proposals to take on the Administrative Responsibility for The Welsh Academy (PDF document) can be downloaded from the bottom of this page.

Closing date for submissions: Thursday 14 June 2018.

Proposals should be sent by email for the attention of Tom Anderson, Chair of The Welsh Academy, to:

Society History

Yr Academi Gymreig/The Welsh Academy was founded in 1959 on the basis of conversations between Bobi Jones and Waldo Williams. Following its inaugural meeting in 1960, the society’s first aim and objective was to establish a new Welsh-language literary periodical. The first edition of Taliesin was published by Yr Academi Gymreig in 1961. An English-language section to the society was created in 1968 through an initiative by Meic Stephens in association with the Guild of Welsh Writers.

In 1998 the society took on a much enhanced role when it won the Arts Council of Wales’ franchise to provide a Welsh National Literature Promotion Agency. This Agency was named Academi. The much-changed and enlarged Academi which emerged delivered literary provision across Wales until 2011, when it joined with Tŷ Newydd Writing Centre to form a new national organisation known as Literature Wales.

The Welsh Academy, as the national Society of Writers in Wales, retained its unique identity within Academi. This identity continued to be safeguarded when the Academi was developed to be Literature Wales. While Literature Wales does provide administrative support to The Welsh Academy, a management relationship does not exist between them and both organisations’ decision making processes, management and activity are independent of each other.


The Welsh Academy today

The Welsh Academy has around 600 Members.  Gillian Clarke, former National Poet for Wales, is the current President. Fellow President Bobi Jones died in November 2017. Click here for more information on Members and Fellows, and here for information The Welsh Academy Management Board.

If you have a query regarding membership of The Welsh Academy please contact:

TWA Syndicate Proposal Terms May 2018

TWA Syndicate Proposal Terms May 2018
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