Credit: Hanin Abou Salem, Cardiff University

Hanin Abou Salem






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Dr. Hanin Abou Salem is a Welsh-based writer and poet with a profound commitment to social justice and human rights. She uses her expertise in international law to amplify the voices of the most vulnerable and often forgotten people in our societies. Through her writings, Dr Hanin, who considers herself a warrior on a quest to make our world a just place for all, embodies the spirit of an activist scholar who combines academic expertise with real-world activism. Her dedication to defending human rights and amplifying the voices of marginalized groups has earned her a reputation as a compassionate and fearless advocate for social change. Dr Hanin fearlessly tackles social injustices head-on by challenging stereotypes, defending freedom of speech, and advocating for women’s empowerment, gender equality, refugees, and homeless people.

Dr. Hanin’s upcoming essay in ‘Cymru and I,’ will examine the housing crises, cost-of-living crises, homelessness, youth gangs, refugees, and radicalism in Wales. These deeply interconnected issues are all pressing concerns that have a significant impact on the lives of people in Wales. Her essay will provide a unique insight that will address the underlying causes of these challenges and identify potential solutions. ‘Cymru and I,’ which was commissioned by Inclusive Journalism Cymru in partnership with Seren Books, will be published in 2023.