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I was born in 1951 in London to Welsh and West Indian parents. I have lived in the Sudan and Nigeria. My home is in Wales. I began writing when I was forty five. I have an unpublished novel called “Black Girl” as well as several articles and stories. My article, Black White Identity was published in the New Welsh Review and I won an award for best article of 2002 in London magazine. I am published in Between a Mountain and the Sea and more recently Just so you know an anthology published by Parthian books. In October 2022 Black Bee books published my first book entitled , And…a memoir of my mother. I have had great reviews from both Paul Theroux the American travel writer and Jim Perrin, Guardian columnist. You can see a few on Amazon.UK/isabel Adonis. Here is one by Eluned Gramich:

‘And… is a beautifully crafted memoir: haunting, stylish, powerful. Isabel Adonis writes deeply and lovingly of her mother, Catherine Alice Hughes, who grew up an orphan in early 20th century Bethesda. She reflects on her mother’s courage and tenacity; and her father’s position as a successful Guyanese writer and artist in a dominantly white artistic, literary world. Adonis weaves together a brilliant tapestry of imagery and observation – on race, gender, class, family; on Africa, the Caribbean, and Europe; on Wales and Sudan. This is the kind of book you must read with a pencil, so you can underline the perfectly formed sentences: words that will stay with you long after reading. One of the best books I’ve read in a very long while.’