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Duke Al






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Cymru Ni | Our Wales Experienced Deliverer of Literary Activity for Children 

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Duke Al is a spoken word poet and facilitator. Writing rhymes is Duke Al’s therapy. From a young age, Duke Al would scribble raps and poems in his old lyric book. It was his way of expressing himself; an escapism to challenge his OCD. A passion of words, flow and rhyme flared. After being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 23, the pen was there to help him understand and articulate how he felt. Now he aims to make an impactful change using one rhyme at a time. You can find Duke Al’s recent published work on TNT Sports, Cardiff Metropolitan University, Paul Canoville Foundation Chelsea Football Club, NHS Arts for Health and Wellbeing, BBC Scrum V and BBC Wales.


Cymru Ni | Our Wales Workshop Outline

  • Key stages: 3 and 4
  • Workshop delivered in: English
  • Regional availability: across Wales

Mental Health:
Duke will create a safe empowering environment, where young people can talk about any mental health issues they might have, through poetry.  As a spoken word poet, Duke likes to share his experiences with mental health challenges through performance. Duke has delivered successful workshops on mental health within schools and the NHS.

Race and Identity: Duke has delivered workshops on identity and race in schools across Wales. He has inspired children to write about these issues with maturity and confidence!