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Ann Brady, although born in Yorkshire, now lives in Cardiff Bay. She has been a writer for over forty years, working in a variety of non-fiction and fiction styles and genres. Ann has written for Websites, International/National Magazines, Editorials and A-Level Educational booklets. She has also written an award-winning historical novel, a series of children’s picture story books, plus books in other genres.
During her career, Ann developed a mentoring programme to assist business people with their writing abilities. In recent years she has adapted this, creating an organisation aimed at helping new, developing and established writers hone their writing skills. She works with writers of all ages across the world. For those writers aged under 18, Ann has mentored under the banner, taking some of these youngsters on their writing journey up to and including publication.
Over the years, Ann has dabbled in Poetry now and again, having won a few poetry competitions. Regardless of her first love being writing, Ann still enjoys sharing her acquired knowledge of the writing world with others and is now known as the Fairy Godmother for aspiring writers.