Develop and support a skilled and visionary workforce in the literature sector, by providing opportunities, increasing potential, and championing fair employment practices

We all have a story to tell. An individual’s journey with literature can start from a very young age, from wrapping up warmly in the words of bedtime stories to creating a picture book in class with a teacher or a visiting writer. Others will find their love of literature later in life, attending a virtual writing course or a local library group and progressing to publish a book which might go on to be shortlisted for a major award. Together with a range of partners and funders, we will ensure that stepping-stones of opportunities are available for all who want to write, to express themselves, and to progress. 


How will we deliver? 

Creating and signposting opportunities: 

Ensuring that writers of all ages, backgrounds, locations, and abilities have opportunities to improve their skills and develop their own literary ambitions. We will make sure that we support writers for the long-term and guide them towards the next steps in their progression. 

Mentoring early career writers: 

By offering shadowing and mentoring opportunities and courses we’ll enable early career writers to hone their craft and learn from more experienced writers.  We’ll also encourage and facilitate peer-to-peer support and networks. 

Industry advice: 

For those ready to share their work, we’ll provide information and guidance on how to navigate the literature sector.  We’ll offer support on how to find pathways to publication, access literary networks, events and public performances, gain recognition through competitions, professional development and more. 

Celebrating talent: 

Wales’ writers are ambassadors, taking tales from Wales to the world.  We will celebrate our best writers and platform their writing talents at home and beyond. 

Example: Improving Representation and Equality through writer development

Our flagship Representing Wales: Developing Writers programme will continue to evolve. Each year, we will invest in a cohort of writers who identify with a particular under-represented characteristic (and often with more than one) and provide a bespoke development programme. Similar to previous years, we will offer a programme based on the cohort’s needs and interests – they will guide the content. In addition to co-creating with the writers, we will work with partner organisations and other writers to ensure the programme covers a range of both creative writing and professional development support. This will create a pipeline of unique, diverse Welsh talent to represent our literature scene at home and internationally. Our involvement with the writers will not conclude at the end of the year-long project; we will continue to offer support to our Representing Wales writers for years to come and champion them as ambassadors for Literature Wales, as well as literature from Wales.

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