Celebrate the diverse range of contemporary writers and the literary heritage of Wales with the world by creating a platform for a literature which is more relevant and accessible to a wider audience.

Wales’ literary culture is a huge economic and social asset, and one that allows us to take Wales to the world. We champion the writers of Wales to audiences at home and abroad, celebrate our rich cultural heritage and pave the way for the voices of the future. The work we deliver through Participation and Writer Development will contribute towards the growth of our literary culture.   


How will we deliver?  

Providing platforms: 

We will actively seek opportunities to platform Wales’ literary talents, so they can act as ambassadors for Wales’ literature, culture, values, and for the Welsh language.  These include our flagship Laureate roles (Bardd Plant Cymru, Children’s Laureate Wales and National Poet of Wales), and extending the impact of our Wales Book of the Year Awards. 

Showcasing Wales to the world: 

As well as supporting more of Wales’ communities to engage in the literary culture on their doorstep, we believe our literature deserves to be celebrated internationally. We will continue to celebrate the rich literary heritage of Wales, while looking to the future to a culture that represents the diversity of all its people.  

Promoting a diverse literary sector: 

Our work on increasing the diversity and representation of voices is bringing to the fore stories from different perspectives, communities, and backgrounds. From the memories of the Windrush generation in Newport, to a family’s struggle in emigrating from China to rural Powys – our identity as a country in all its incarnations and languages will increasingly be represented and celebrated through the literature we promote. 

Example: Focus on the Climate Emergency through our literary culture

We are mindful that showcasing Welsh literature across the nation and internationally should not have to create a significant carbon footprint.  Our Land of Legends digital activity will inspire people to visit a virtual Wales, rich in literary and cultural connection. Our writers capture the magic of our unique landscapes and heritage in words: allowing people to visit our country in their own imagination.

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