Promote the Welsh Language and celebrate our unique diverse Welsh culture by encouraging a thriving literary scene and opportunities to explore through literature.

The Welsh language belongs to each of us, whenever and however we become acquainted with it. Anyone involved with Literature Wales will benefit from the Welsh language, whether they are fluent, use a handful of words or expressions, or completely new to the language and curious to know more. Like every modern and creative language, the Welsh language changes and adapts as new generations embrace it. Over the years, a variety of accents and dialects have enriched our literature: from Dewi Emrys to Megan Angharad Hunter, from Y Wenwyseg to Wenglish, Welsh-language words and tones are music to our ears and feed our imaginations

A truly central part of our mission is to work towards a Wales where the Welsh language thrives, and literature represents our diverse voices. For this to become a reality, we will work with partners to tackle under-representation in the literature sector, to inspire individuals to take action against the climate emergency, and to support the well-being of individuals and communities. We will do all this through the prism of the Welsh language

Our Welsh Language Development Plan is an important resource which shows our commitment to the language. It identifies areas we can improve, as well as good practice that we can share with others. The Welsh language isn’t an isolated element of our work. Rather it is the foundation for all our activity and key priorities; it is the undercurrent of our values. On this strong foundation we will work towards achieving our goals, and strive for a more equal, resilient and healthier Wales. In turn, we will contribute to a vibrant Welsh culture that takes pride in the language and shares it with the world. Language and landscape are closely intertwined, and in a similar vein, the Welsh language is a thread running through Literature Wales’ vision of a Wales where literature empowers, improves, and brightens lives. 

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