Alix Edwards 

Alix Edwards is a multi-platform artist based in Cardiff. She combines photography, painting, text, installation and spoken word to give a voice to marginalised communities. She has an MA in Creative Writing from Goldsmiths, London and an MA in photography from Central Saint Martin’s. Alongside her writing, she facilitates art and creative writing groups in her community including for Women’s Aid. Her work has been exhibited in various galleries across England and Wales and her writing has been published in various anthologies. She is currently working on a novel about the aftermath of domestic violence and creating an online programme to empower women creatively.

Read Alix’s creative response to her time on Representing Wales below.


He brings me coffee                                                     


He throws it at my face

Hot liquid hits the wall                       ‘

behind my head. Brown rivulets

trickle down sunshine yellow paint

the happy colour of sunflowers

I chose before I knew him


You poor cow, he sneers

I am a manatee, seven months pregnant

beached between wet sheets

too lazy to speak up

or get out of bed


My skin tingles. I want to fetch

the lavender oil to treat my scalds

I look up, scan the luminous stars

and planets I glued to the ceiling

and watch their sickly green glow


My cheeks throb I stay stuck

to my mattress. Too heavy to move

I’ll call for help while he’s out


My face burns I pretend

I am thin I lean on my elbows

push myself up past the comforting

smell of coffee


I place one swollen foot in front

of the other all the way

to the table The telephone is gone

ripped out of its socket

chucked on the floor


I make my way to the bathroom

and lock the door I scan

my blotchy red face in the mirror

I wonder if, in time these scars

like him will go away

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