Creative writing workshops to explore collective self-expression of the past and present

: BAME community

Lead artist(s): Beau W. Beakhouse & Sadia Pineda Hameed

Location: Wyndham Street Community Centre, Cardiff

Further info: Through a series of workshops in the Cardiff districts of Riverside and Grangetown, local BAME individuals will explore experiences and histories of place and dwelling, which will then be expressed in the form of a collective publication. Psychogeography, autofiction, oral histories and processes of curation will all feature as LUMIN (an arts collective and small press), facilitates radical self-expressions of the here and now. The community will decide on ways of archiving and retelling their present while exploring the intangibilities of memory and the act of recording.

About Beau W. Beakhouse: Beau is a writer and artist based in Cardiff. His work explores the intersections between ecology, the spiritual and post-colonialism, doing so through dialogue, film and radical research.

About Sadia Pineda Hameed: Sadia is a writer and artist also based in Cardiff. Her practice involves intuitive, process-based ways of understanding the rational on non-rational terms; through dreams, ancestral knowledges and telepathic communion.

Together they make up LUMIN, an arts collective and small press seeking to platform, create dialogues and collaborate with diverse and marginalised creative voices from Wales and wider.

Artists’ quote:

Histories are recorded on behalf of a community far too often. And it’s distanced, removed, never present enough. We want to facilitate a way of recording oneself collectively – here, now – and highlight the community of Riverside & Grangetown’s own means of radical self-expression, for them to create something emphatically theirs.”


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