Creative writing workshops to explore collective self-expression of the past and present

: BAME communities and allies

Lead artist(s): Beau W. Beakhouse & Sadia Pineda Hameed

Location: Remote

Further info: In response to the current situation, the series of workshops initially planned have been modified into a 6 week project that will focus on collectivising our knowledge and resources. Through reading groups discussing and creatively responding to radical texts that re-imagine our relationship to place and community, the group will develop a self-made print publication. LUMIN will also help to facilitate access to further reading materials through a collective fund, and support mutual, equitable, collective learning.

About Beau W. Beakhouse: Beau is a writer and artist based in Cardiff. His work explores the intersections between ecology, the spiritual and post-colonialism, doing so through dialogue, film and radical research.

About Sadia Pineda Hameed: Sadia is a writer and artist also based in Cardiff. Her practice involves intuitive, process-based ways of understanding the rational on non-rational terms; through dreams, ancestral knowledges and telepathic communion.

Together they make up LUMIN, an arts collective and small press seeking to platform, create dialogues and collaborate with diverse and marginalised creative voices from Wales and wider.

Artists’ quote:

“Especially at this time, it’s important to make the space for collective reflection. We’re undergoing moments of slowness, of intensity and of change; and it’s important to support one another, to give a sense of purpose to our learning.”


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