Within this warped trinity

of churlish cancer, precious blood and hope galore,

we’ll be at your side, as you face down the darkness.


We’ll walk with you

as you cross the lonely plains of hurt,

whose wearisome sun shrivels your belief.


We’ll squeeze your hand

when you stare into the void,

instead of the stars…


And in the shared bond of this parlous trek,

let’s pause,

take a breath,


and give thanks for those

who brightened these paths before us,

when covid threatened to choke them shut;


we’ll remember those

whose journey’s end came too soon,

and for their sakes, we’ll walk on, until our goal is gained…


And each time the bell is rung,

a lost heart

balloons away, blue-skywards…


Ifor ap Glyn
Bardd Cenedlaethol Cymru | National Poet of Wales

(Commissioned by Velindre Trust to mark the dedication of hospital staff and volunteers following a year of the Covid-19 pandemic. English translation by Ifor ap Glyn.)


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