We shall see more clearly now;

our ancient acres grazed and furrowed,

remodelled by mandrels

and slate-splitting chisels.

Our streets still plough through each cwm;

and our people’s ingenuity will not be denied,

as they dig today with ‘mouse’ and ‘screen’

to tame the breeze

and reap the tide.


We shall see more clearly now;

our candle beneath a bushel no more,

and from our house’s open door

the light beams out;

From here, we set forth

to husband our future

and share our truth throughout.

And we’ll do the little things

for our language, our earth, our community;

knowing, as we seek the best for them,

that we answer to posterity.


Ifor ap Glyn

Bardd Cenedlaethol Cymru | National Poet of Wales

(This poem was commissioned by the Welsh Government to celebrate St David’s day 2020.)

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