LUMIN Syllabus is at the intersection of curation, collaboration and collectivity. Initiated by Sadia Pineda Hameed and Beau W Beakhouse, LUMIN forms an open collective to consider language, print, radio, pedagogy and place. They publish LUMIN Journal, a space for anti-colonial and experimental writing and art; intermittently broadcast as Local 37; and undertake residencies, research and other long-term projects.

The LUMIN Syllabus, aims to explore the links with the climate and nature emergency and colonialism. The LUMIN Syllabus will support people of colour and those from low-income in the Swansea area to create and publish responses to the climate and nature emergency from the past, present, and future. Workshops will take place in local community gardens, cafes, and galleries. Participants will take the lead in forming solutions at a localised level.

Sadia Pineda Hameed says of The LUMIN Syllabus:

Quote: ‘The goal of this project is to enable greater access and entitlement to literature, to public space, and to the discussion around climate justice. Empowerment is not about privileged access to a cultural centre, institution or course but instead understanding literature's democratic potential within a local environment.’

This project is supported locally by Ways of Working and nationally by Literature Wales and WWF.

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