Words and Rhymes

This fun rhyme poem and activity was commissioned by BookTrust Cymru to celebrate Big Welsh Rhyme Time 2022.


Words can be magical and

Words can have power.

Words are what you follow when you’re singing in the shower.


The magic with words is that they have the ability to rhyme




they can’t rhyme all of the time.


You have to pick the right ones.


Because rhyming can be gorgeous and fun

Rhyming is something you can do with a loved one.

It’s doesn’t have to be hard, complicated or tricky

You can even do it over a cuppa and a chocolate biccy


So even when outside is wet, damp and glum.

And you look up to the sky and there’s not a glimmer of sun.

Just remember that words and rhyming can always be fun.


Connor Allen,
Children’s Laureate Wales 2021-2023


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