This poem was written by Connor Allen for Year 6 pupils who will be moving up to Secondary School in September 2023.



A process of change

It can indeed be strange

The possibilities are endless

You’re growing and growing

Maturing and evolving

These feelings can be tremendous



Scary to contemplate


Exciting to grasp

It’s even scarier to think:

“I’m not little anymore.”

“I’m growing up so fast.”


New environment

Different surroundings

New perspective

Different understandings


Some adventures are unknown

Perhaps they’re the best ones

Walking through a brand new door

To depths you’ve never been before

Journeying to bigger and bolder worlds

Full of ambitions, dreams

And boundless opportunities


Navigating through

Carrying with you

The Blank Canvas

To paint what you can see

And to be all you can be


The next five chapters

Are a transition

It’s interesting and new

But that’s the beauty of it:

The chapters and the pen

They start with YOU


Connor Allen, Children’s Laureate Wales 2021-2023


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