This poem was penned by Connor Allen to note Black History Month in October 2022.


I wonder what’s behind that door?

Over there                It’s my gran

With her Jamaican accent and her Afro hair

It’s her story

Connected to ancestors before

It’s understanding

It’s history

And it’s so much more


On the sandy shores

of St Elizabeth

My gran

My family

My ancestors

Had a dream

With wind rushing through their hair

A few Jamaican pounds

The clothes that they wear


They brought with them

The music, culture,

Language and food

Recipes for curried goat, jerk chicken

Packed as they travelled on the boats.

Gran brought with her the sand

From St Elizabeth beach

She brought stories, wisdom

And knowledge so she could teach


Her Grandson

The rich history

The complexities

Between you and me

The need to recognise

That we are strong

We are here and we belong

The understanding

Of where we are from


In 2022 like my ancestors before me

I have a dream

That hope and love

Will be the foundation

We use to travel upstream

To a better future –

There’s glory in difference

There’s beauty in imperfection

BLACK has many shades and many complexions


Connor Allen

Children’s Laureate 2021-2023





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