Beyond the classroom confines,

the drudgery and strife,

there’s another way of learning

to explore this vibrant life.



the rigid pages

and the alphabet unsung,

the manacles of syntax

are loosened

on the tongue,

ribbons of reassurance

amidst shades of

blue and pink,

we’ll forge our new found courage

from the forest of the ink.


‘For herein lies my canvas

on the page so clear and light,

I’ll generate ideas

to a rhythm that feels right.

Rejoicing in

a song to say

I’m a precious sail unfurled,

while embracing

my diversity,

for it’s how I see the world.’


Casi Wyn, Bardd Plant Cymru 2021-2023 and Llais Dyslecsia project pupils

English adaptation by Eleri Richards


The Project

The Llais Dyslecsia (Voice of Dyslexia) project was established raise awareness of dyslexia in Wales by bringing children with dyslexia together to share and give a platform to their experiences – to give dyslexia in Wales a voice.
Funded by Arts Council of Wales Lottery fund; Miles Dyslexia Centre, Bangor University; Literature Wales, and with the support of Ysgol Tryfan, Bangor, Bardd Plant Cymru 2021-2023 Casi Wyn held a series of workshops were held at Pontio over the February 2023 half term. The workshops were carefully planned to increase the confidence of the children involved by celebrating their strengths, their creative voices and their success. The musician Elin Taylor and the dancer Angharad Harrop also joined to inspire.

A short documentary film was produced by Ffion Jon Williams from the workshops, which includes interviews with the children, parents, and project partners, and can be watched below. The poem video ‘Tu Draw’ features Casi Wyn and Nanw Jones, one of the children who took part in the project, reciting a poem penned by Casi in response to the children during the workshops. There is also a layer of animation by the designer Dan Parry Evans interwoven with Shari Llewelyn’s illustrations.

The information is often misleading around dyslexia and there is very little attention and consistency available in Welsh. There are often concerns of failure among children and adults, which can cause other conditions. Because there is not enough understanding about dyslexia available, with information and resources in the Welsh language in Wales often difficult to find and costly, there is a need to act, There should be free, bilingual training for all teachers in Wales, so that teachers do not have to pay for training themselves during their own precious time.

The Miles Dyslexia Centre recognizes problems linked to late diagnosis for children and a lack of resources and training for educators, specifically in the Welsh language. As a result of the ‘Llais Dyslecsia’ project, the Centre invites people with dyslexia; people who have children, partners, friends, or parents with dyslexia; and people who work with those with literacy difficulties and dyslexia to share their
experiences. Experiences can be shared by following this link. The information collected will support the work of the Miles Centre to make the path to diagnosis and accessing support easier.


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