A. Full Membership

Full Membership of The Welsh Academy is offered to writers as a mark of recognition of their contribution to literature. To be considered for Full Membership, a writer needs to fulfil the following criteria:

1. that s/he has a meaningful connection with Wales, usually birth and/or residence (not necessarily current);


2. that s/he is an imaginative creative writer with at least one single-authored published book or a significant piece of work in dramatic form;


3. that s/he is a writer with at least one single-authored published book in the field of Welsh literature;


4. that s/he has won the Crown, Chair, Prose Medal or Daniel Owen Prize at the National Eisteddfod.

Even if the above criteria are satisfied, The Welsh Academy Members’ Committee may use discretion when considering offers of Membership (for example, quality of publication and/or the length of time an individual has been writing or has been involved in literary activities may influence a decision).

B. Fellowship

The honour of Fellowship may be offered to an existing Full Member if, in the opinion of The Welsh Academy Members’ Committee, that Full Member has:


1. achieved particular prominence;


2. over an extended period of time, made an exceptional contribution to literature.


C. Honorary Membership

Honorary Membership may be offered to non-writers who have:

1. a meaningful connection with Wales (as in A.1 above);


2. made an exceptional contribution to the literary culture of Wales.