Raymond Williams Centenary

Published Wed 26 May 2021 - By Literature Wales

To mark the 2021 Centenary of Williams’ birth the Raymond Williams Foundation is supporting a special programme of activities with the aim of reintroducing some of Williams’ key ideas to contemporary publics.

Through the development of a set of new, freely accessible, resources and by supporting collective dialogue about the contemporary relevance of Williams’ work, the Centenary programme aims to foster a renewed public understanding of the ‘long revolution’ today.

The Raymond Williams Foundation supports what Williams termed the ‘Long Revolution’ towards ‘an educated and participating democracy’ through its involvement in adult education and collective community-based learning.

Raymond Williams Centenary ‘explainers’

Produced in a variety of formats the ‘explainers’ are a new, freely accessible, set of resources that introduce a variety of key concepts from Raymond Williams’ work to contemporary publics.

The explainers have been created by a range of people, from Wales, England, USA, Canada and Argentina, who share an interest in Raymond Williams and who responded to an open call for an RWF grant to take this work on. Working against the backdrop of Williams’ Centenary, the aim of the new explainers is to help renew interest in Williams’ work and promote and renew public discussion about its contemporary relevance.

The first three Raymond Williams ‘Explainers’ have been launched on the website, with more of these ‘Explainers’ to follow soon.

As part of the work on the Centenary this year, the foundation have announced the launch of their new website:

Alongside these new resources, you’ll find other Centenary related news (including Centenary activities organised by other groups) and RWF supported events (including a fantastic event on fostering Community, Dialogue and Democracy through Adult Education organised by Sharon Clancy in partnership with the Centenary Commission and Raymond Williams Foundation).

Further information and resources will be added to the new RWF website in the coming weeks as part of a new ‘library’ section which is currently in development.