Poets share words of wisdom on how poetry benefits health and well-being

Published Thu 16 Feb 2023 - By Literature Wales
Poets share words of wisdom on how poetry benefits health and well-being
Poet clare e potter addresses the audience (right), alongside BSL interpreter Cathryn McShane

More than 100 guests gathered in person and online to enjoy Singing the Sun in Flight: Poetry at the Senedd on Tuesday; Literature Wales’ evening of performances and talks on the theme of Poetry for Health and Well-being 

Rufus Mufasa, clare e potter, Duke Al Durham, Esyllt Maelor and Patrick Jones were among the poets performing at the event, which was sponsored by Dawn Bowden MS, Deputy Minister for Arts & Sport, and Chief Whip. 

Spanning a range of topics including managing grief, overcoming trauma, building self-confidence and living with dementia, each gave a deeply personal account of how writing has been a healing process to them and with others, in workshops and on courses organised by Literature Wales. 

“Poetry saved me as a child and continues to.” clare e potter 

“Mae sgwennu yn gallu fy helpu i rhag mynd i fannau peryg – ac os ydw i’n mynd yna, mae sgwennu’n gallu fy nhywus oddi yna.” Esyllt Maelor 

“I didn’t know where to turn, so I turned to the pen. It was an enormous self-therapy for me.” Duke Al Durham

“Sometimes your pen knows more about what’s really going on than you do.” Rufus Mufasa

“I’ve been taking words to some of the most neglected communities in Wales for 25 years – places not many artists or arts organisations go. I never fail to be surprised by people’s reactions to the power of words.” Patrick Jones

This was the second in a programme of nine events at the Senedd buildings celebrating all things poetic and raising the profile of poetry and spoken word at the home of Welsh democracy. The programme is organised by Literature Wales and funded by Welsh Government. 

For more information about Singing the Sun in Flight, visit the programme’s page on our website.