Welsh Female Writers Group

Running Oct 2020 – Jan 201
This initiative is generously supported and funded by The Carne Trust.

In a bid to develop and champion emerging Welsh female writers we run a WFW GROUP. These sessions are fun, friendly, supportive and informative discussion. Sessions include the following:

Discussing a set text from a female writer.
You can bring in any work in progress.
You can have any extracts or scenes read.
Discuss treatments and briefs.
Chat about ideas or drafts.
Simply come along for a listen and a chat.
If you are Welsh, identify as female and have a thirst to write then we are keen to hear from you!

Welsh Female Writers Group (WFW GROUP)

Mon 26th Oct 6pm-9pm
Location: Zoom
Facilitator: Emily White
Focus Session: Scale
Maximum Participants: 10

Exploring how scale affects story. Daring to go bigger – the step-up from writing monologues/ studio plays to mid-scale or even large-scale shows.

Sun 22nd Nov 2pm – 5pm
Location: Zoom
Facilitator: Ffion Jones
Focus Session: Finding Your Voice
Maximum Participants: 10

Finding Your Voice – Celebrating your uniqueness along-side learning your craft. What’s your special ingredient that you can bring to the table?

Tues 8th Dec 6pm – 9pm
Location: Zoom
Facilitator: Emily White
Focus Session: Pitching For TV / Film
Maximum Participants: 10

Pitching For TV / Film – Pitching: all writers hate it but all writers have to learn to do it. What’s expected when you pitch an idea in a room and how to write a pitch document.

Sun 17th Jan 6pm – 9pm
Location: Zoom
Facilitator: Ffion Jones
Focus Session: Matching Your Idea To Format
Maximum Participants: 10

Matching Your Idea To Format – What’s the best way to tell this story? Is it a play, novel, screenplay, radioplay, poem? Let’s go back to the beginning.

Further info:
If you’re Welsh born and identify as female then you are welcome to participate. ALL sessions are FREE thanks to the generosity of The Carne Trust www.carnetrust.org

To participate in any of the sessions please email us on info@chippylaneproductions.co.uk