An evening of poetry at Melville Centre for Arts, Abergavenny. Alan Baker was born and raised in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, and now lives Nottingham where he runs the poetry publisher Leafe Press and is editor of its associated webzine ‘Litter’. He has published numerous collections of poetry, including “Letters from the Underworld” (Red Ceilings, 2018), “Riverrun (KFS, 2019) and his most recent “A Journal of Enlightened Panic” (Shoestring). He has translated the poetry of Yves Bonnefoy and Abdellatif Laâbi.

Mélisande Fitzsimons writes poems that are alive to changing states and conditions. The reader is taken on a journey through narrative obsessions that move from the ordinary to the extraordinary in exposition of what it is to live as a migrant and internationalist. Her collections include ‘A Language of Spies’ (Crafty Little Press 2019) ‘ Life Here is Full of Tomorrows’ (Leafe Press 2021) and ‘The Only Country In The World’ (Aquifer 2023)

Graham Hartill was born in the English Midlands in 1952. After a studying in the US he moved back to Wales and became a mainstay of the burgeoning poetry scene in Cardiff and worked with Open World Poetics in Glasgow. He moved to the Black Mountains in 1992. His latest collection is Rhapsodies.
He has also published seven co-translations with Wu Fusheng (of the University of Utah) from classical Chinese. Graham teaches post-graduate students Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purposes for the Metanoia Institute in London.